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Oh I get by…

    So, I’m not sure if I should do some kind of introduction – and here I am doing it anyway ­čÖé   This is from the lovely Elise who I met via ┬áinstagram (something I swore never to go near & now love…social media and I have a complex relationship).   She is… Continue reading Oh I get by…

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Monday, Monday

So it’s been a week. Over a week. An over-a-week full of beach in the rain, slipping in mud while carrying bub in her ergo, a 1960s caravan, a Skype call with a good friend, a first birthday, missing parcels, lost booties, teens sleeping on armchairs, amazing raspberry muffins &┬ábanana pancakes But before all of… Continue reading Monday, Monday

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Jason Mraz & Thank you

┬áthis is not the┬ábest┬áversion of this post. I had a better one but WordPress hates me & deleted the draft and I’m just too tired to write it again. Hopefully it’s still good. So, I’m standing at Sydney central station after walking from Actors Studio. It’s cold & I’m wishing I’d brought a bigger coat… Continue reading Jason Mraz & Thank you

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Breathe me

  (small warning – I’m exhausted and rather enormously stressed. It seems when I’m thus I become a bit sweary. ..nothing too bad but I thought i should put this here instead of trying to censor my writing which might a) make me give up, b)make my head explode or c) cause the death of… Continue reading Breathe me

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Here it goes again….

This blog is not the blog I should be publishing – there are two of those, busy being polished. One to say┬áTHANK YOU┬áto some wonderful people & the other one is…you’ll see. So this follows from my baptism blog. Worked out what was happening with godparents ┬á(despite what my mother emailed)…worked out if we were… Continue reading Here it goes again….

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Knowing me- knowing you (ah haaaa)

So, it seems that this blog may just be me typing away into the internet for a while…and that’s ok. I guess before you become friends with someone you need to get to know them, same deal here. So; me…hmmm. Looking around other blogs they all seem to have a theme like cooking or food… Continue reading Knowing me- knowing you (ah haaaa)