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Knowing me- knowing you (ah haaaa)

So, it seems that this blog may just be me typing away into the internet for a while…and that’s ok. I guess before you become friends with someone you need to get to know them, same deal here. So; me…hmmm. Looking around other blogs they all seem to have a theme like cooking or food… Continue reading Knowing me- knowing you (ah haaaa)


Baptismy Naming Day Blessing of bub heeelp

So, my Ethernet Village of a trillion specks of light, I need some help. About eleven months ago I gave birth to a sweet, kind, funny baby girl. The very-much-youngest of three. From before she was born I knew who I wanted her godparents to be- because we do the baptism thing- just that kind… Continue reading Baptismy Naming Day Blessing of bub heeelp