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Getting to know you….

I’m finally finally catching up with these wonderful question /answer pieces. This is by the simply sweet Katy who I met via instagram and also While the Babe Naps. I love this so much 🙂 Thank you for sharing. Name:  Katy Paul Age: 26 Profession: I work in the Audit and Compliance department for a private Disability Employment Services company… Continue reading Getting to know you….

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One Sweet Moment

Hopefully this works. Hopefully your little one likes it as much as bub 3. (Who just watched the first video 8 times) Hopefully it gives you 2mins & 27 seconds peace 😊 Please let me know if more would be good (Many years of theatre and film training have to be useful somehow and hopefully… Continue reading One Sweet Moment

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Perfect Day

This doesn’t need an introduction – you get such a wonderful sense of Heidi from her answers that I’m going to be quiet and sit over here in the corner while she takes over…. Name : Heidi Sze Age: 31 What you do :  Dietitian & Nutritionist Wife, mum to 1year old. 1. What is your favourite memory… Continue reading Perfect Day

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Good Morning Baby…

Ive been sleeping too little and thinking too much. I’ve been spending too much time online looking at rental property. I’ve bought too much new stuff. I’ve been eating too much crap. I’ve been flicking to my email too often. I’ve been looking at how my blog performs. I’ve been alone too often. I’ve expected… Continue reading Good Morning Baby…

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Jason Mraz & Thank you

 this is not the best version of this post. I had a better one but WordPress hates me & deleted the draft and I’m just too tired to write it again. Hopefully it’s still good. So, I’m standing at Sydney central station after walking from Actors Studio. It’s cold & I’m wishing I’d brought a bigger coat… Continue reading Jason Mraz & Thank you

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Breathe me

  (small warning – I’m exhausted and rather enormously stressed. It seems when I’m thus I become a bit sweary. ..nothing too bad but I thought i should put this here instead of trying to censor my writing which might a) make me give up, b)make my head explode or c) cause the death of… Continue reading Breathe me