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Getting to know you….

I’m finally finally catching up with these wonderful question /answer pieces.

This is by the simply sweet Katy who I met via instagram and also While the Babe Naps.

I love this so much 🙂 Thank you for sharing.

Name:  Katy Paul

Age: 26

Profession: I work in the Audit and Compliance department for a private Disability Employment Services company – but I’m currently on maternity leave with my seven month old son, Isaac. (I don’t really want to go back…)

What would you think if I sang out of tune?

I love singing and music of all types, so I would think “good on you!” and if I knew the song, would probably sing right on along with you 🙂


What do you do when your love is away?

I am one of those people who is shamelessly addicted to spending time with my husband.  We have been together for over nine years and I really struggle when we are apart!  At the minute, when he’s at work for 10-12 hours a day, my time is spent looking after Isaac.  Endless feeds, attempted naps (baby boy hates to sleep), play time, story time – we have lots of fun (although having a baby is also the hardest thing I’ve ever done) but I do wish my husband could be with us more.  If he is ever away overnight I’m one of those people who go to stay with my parents so I don’t have to be at home alone.


How did you find your tribe?

I’m very lucky to have a big, loving family and a fairly close circle of friends, some closer than others.  I have been friends with my very best friend for nearly 20 years and I am incredibly close to my big sister. I have two great older brothers and amazing parents who are always there for me no matter what.  I am one of those people who prefers a smaller tribe when it comes to social situations due to some pretty horrible anxiety.  I’m really lucky that my tribe has sort of just always been with me – I’ve stayed friends with most of my social group from school and some people I’ve worked with and become close to.  I’m very grateful to always have someone to turn to when I need support, I am also grateful that I get to be that person for other people – bring on the supportive, loving tribe vibes I say! 🙂

How did you find what you do and why do you love it?

When it comes to my work in the Disability Employment Services sector, I really wanted a job where I could help people (as naïve as that sounds).  I was 21 when I started this work, fresh out of University, and it was a huge eye-opener.  Nothing like what I expected.  I started out as an Employment Consultant for four years – parts of that role definitely weren’t suited to me.  Working in the department I do now is definitely more enjoyable as far as my skills and stress levels are concerned, but I honestly wouldn’t say that I love it.  I have been studying my Masters of Teaching part-time as well, although I’m honestly not sure what direction I want to take now that Isaac is in my life.  I really do want to find something I’m passionate about and that can work around my main priority of being a Mum.  Possibly teaching piano and doing some English tutoring – who knows?!


Do you need anybody?

Absolutely.  My answer to this is pretty similar to the finding my tribe question.  I need my husband without a doubt.  I am a very family-oriented person and would be lost without them.  My close friends are like my family and their presence in my life is definitely something I feel that I need.  I need Isaac – I need his sweet giggles and the intense curiosity he has about everything around him; his big blue eyes and cheesy grin.  This little person has changed me so completely, we had a rough start with me suffering from horrendous PND and I still struggle every day with aspects of this – but he is worth it.  I need him more than anyone else.


Thank you so much for doing this – it is truly beautiful. Xx A


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