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Getting to know all about you. ..

….And if you are like me, you will now have Julie Andrews stuck in your head. On repeat. (I’m sorry, it was the only finding out things about people song I could think of…I just hope your mind isn’t taking you through the entire score – unless you like it of course – in which case “Hills are Alive” it away :))….

It’s amazing the people I’ve stumbled across on Instagram – for a few years I was very against it (probably because my eldest was very pro it) then I got pregnant & thought it would be a way of sharing baby photos with my family. It is sooo much more. From there I have found the best baby clothes, some amazing blogs, way too much info about my eldest (till I said yes to Facebook) a brilliant dietician & lovely person(Here), food & life & recovery inspiration & just amazing inspirational people like the lovely Catarina.Read her blog here. It’s lovely too.

So here is the very very patient Caterina who answered these questions a month ago 😮.



I’m going to very shyly put my hand up to answer these questions. My name is Catarina. I’m 34 years old and my current “profession” is a HR officer in a government department. Though my real life is being a mum to two beautiful little boys (Mattheus, 3, and Vincent, 1) who make me smile every day and constantly challenge me to be a better mum. A better person, really.

1. What would you do if I sang out of tune?
I would grab your hand and drag you along to the nearest karaoke bar where we can sing out of tune together. An inside joke between me and my hubby is that I’m an AMAZING singer. The reality is that I’m exactly like Kimmy front My Best Friend’s Wedding.

2. What do you do when your love is away?
My love is away fairly often as he is a pilot for a regional airline. BK (Before Kids) I’d often relish the time on my own. I’m an introvert and time on my own usually refreshes me and reenergises me. AK (After Kids), however, looks much different. Often I’m just in survival mode (and sometimes I don’t even do that very well). Balancing the needs of two small children on my own can be tough at times but we get through it. We are all very happy when we hear “Daddy’s” car pull up in the driveway!

3. How did you find your tribe?
My tribe is a bunch of close friends who I’ve known either since I was at school, or who I’ve met through my husband. There are a couple of close friends I’ve met through work. And of course my family, without whom I don’t even know who I would be. These people might not all each other but they know me very well, and they all keep me grounded and sane (most of the time). The other commonality is that they’re all incredible individuals who I love, respect and admire on so many levels. My tribe comforts me, raises me up, inspires me and makes me a better person for knowing them.

4. How did you find what you do and why do you love it?
Hmm…this is an interesting one… When I left school all those years ago, I wanted to become a dietitian. I completed my Bachelor of Science (Nutrition) and worked as a dietary aide for awhile before realising it was not something I wanted to pursue as a career. Throughout uni I’d been working part-time for a government department, and was lucky enough to win a full-time position with them where I’ve been ever since. I’d been floating around in different roles for about seven years when I decided to try my hand at HR. I liked the idea of helping people one-on-one whereas the previous roles I had were in areas such as contract management where you’re once or twice removed from the people your programs are helping. I quickly realised this is something I enjoy doing and appears to suit me.

Outside of work my main form of relaxation is cooking. I get a lot of satisfaction from feeding my family and friends, and creating special memories around the dinner table.

5. Do you need anybody?
Yes! I used to think I’d be happy enough on an island completely alone but I’ve learnt that I need people in the way the earth needs the sun – to stay warm and to have have some differentiation between night and day. I may be introverted but I also get a lot of joy from social interactions, especially with the brilliant people I’m lucky enough to be surrounded by!

Thank you Avril for giving me the opportunity to share a bit about myself. Looking forward to hearing from some more tribe members!

Blog: charlietangoandmike.wordpress.com

Instagram: @charlie_and_tango


Thank you  hon xx


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