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Perfect Day

This doesn’t need an introduction – you get such a wonderful sense of Heidi from her answers that I’m going to be quiet and sit over here in the corner while she takes over….

Name : Heidi Sze
Age: 31
What you do : 
Dietitian & Nutritionist

Wife, mum to 1year old.

1. What is your favourite memory as a child?

That’s a hard one. I’ll say that my favourite memory is a cluster of memories, or even more of a vibe… family movie night at home. We’d put a movie on, have a bag of crisps or a block of chocolate and sit and watch a movie together. I adore movies and chocolate and my family, and remembering this ritual of ours that we did when my brothers and I were young gives me all the warm, fuzzy feelings. I remember feeling so very happy to be spending time with my family in this cozy way, I’d even tolerate the science fiction movies my dad would play. It’s definitely something my husband and I want to do as our family grows, our own family movie night.
2. How did you spend your summer holidays as a teenager? 
Camping! We drove up the NSW coast and went with a group of families. We’d spend our days in the water and our nights playing spotlight and making camp fires. My brothers and I would save up our pocket money and get a jar of nutella and killer python snakes and they’d sit in our tent for rainy days when we’d sit and read. And when it was sunny we would run around, find leeches, play in the surf and just be kids. Summer time was the best.
3.What was your ‘best’ day in The last year? What made it The best?
The day Joan was born. I had an amazing birth and I got to meet my daughter. August 27th – best day ever.
4. What’s the best thing that’s happened to you that wouldn’t have happened if you didn’t do what you do?
The beautiful connection I get with my clients is so special to me. I am an extrovert, which is not to say I am loud and like attention, rather spending time with other people GIVES me energy (whereas introverts feel depleted when spending time with others and need alone time to re-energise). I always leave my sessions feeling buzzed and raring to go. I  take my work very seriously and care about my clients more than ever now I am specialising in pre and post natal nutrition. Something about this beautiful, hard, draining, blessed experience of motherhood makes me want to make their world better. I know first hand how much good nutrition can impact your world and I want to help mummas feel vibrant because there is so much good in this world IN ADDITION to the hard stuff. The world doesn’t need to be perfect for it to also be wonderful. This is something I’ve learnt as a mum and and I honestly feel that good nutrition, looking after your body + mind and nourishing yourself well makes a difference in helping the wonderful part of it shine over the hard stuff.
5. What would be your ideal day?
Wake early after a good sleep overnight, go for a walk with my baby and husband in fresh air amongst trees then meet friends for brunch. We’d then go to a big field where we could lay in the grass and watch bubba run and explore. Depending on my mood that day, dinner would either start early, in the afternoon, hanging at our house with friends and family drinking wine and cooking, perhaps slow-roasted lamb or pasta or better yet, both….Or it’d be just the three of us at home with a family bath and dancing in the kitchen while we cook.
For more Heidi go Here . Lots of beautiful words, really yummy recipes and just perfect photos  (you know- not the ‘I’ve spent four hours staging this’ kind , the kind that are warm and welcoming and make you feel like you are there  – just like all of Apples Under My Bed)

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