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Oh I get by…



So, I’m not sure if I should do some kind of introduction – and here I am doing it anyway 🙂


This is from the lovely Elise who I met via  instagram (something I swore never to go near & now love…social media and I have a complex relationship).


She is just so nice, really, and such a sweet & beautiful instagram feed to look at. Always makes me smile. And she took the time to answer these random & slightly odd questions. She rocks.


Ok – ’nuff blather from me…


From My Friends 


Name: Elise Peck

Age: 28


Profession: Mumpreneur @ Elise Peck – Naturally. Empowering others with natural solutions & financial abundance.



1. What would you think if I sang out of tune?


I would think, thank goodness, the pressure is off, now I can join in singing out of tune too 🙂


2. What do you do when your love is away? 


I miss him & think about how lucky I am to have such a wonderful person to miss. Truth. Mind you, it’s easier now that we have a beautiful daughter which means I have her wonderful company even if my love is away 🙂


3. How did you find your ‘tribe’


My ‘tribe’ evolves, changes, ebs & flows. It has the ‘stayers’, the lifelong friends, and then the people who come & go. It flows and I love it that way. I connect with different people at different stages of my life. I also go through stages where I crave lots of connection & community, and other stages where I really only need to connect with 1 or 2 people in a week and I’m good. My current tribe is a mix of people I met as a very young child, I met at school, I met at part-time jobs during uni, I met through dancing growing up and that I’ve met since moving to Sydney either in the workplace or since becoming a mum (local parenting groups, playgroups, child-based activities, and even just at the park).


4. How did you find what you do and why do you love it?

What I do now: work at home mum. I love being a stay at home mum full time with my daughter!!! It’s an absolute dream come true for me to be with her all the time in these precious early years. I was previously working in corporate world (I am qualified as a lawyer, I worked in legal for 4yrs then moved into Work, Health & Safety at a big management consulting firm) prior to becoming a mum. Once I made the official decision that staying at home full time was definitely for me, I wasn’t looking to do any work & thought I’d be solely focused on mothering until all my children were at school & then I’d figure out what next! But the Universe had other plans and the perfect thing fell into my lap! For years I have been really conscious with my care products, always choosing low-tox, eco-friendly, organic, nasty-free products where possible. So it was a natural gravitation for me to try pure, therapeutic grade essential oils that align with my low-tox values & living as close as possible to nature ways. So I found the beautiful doTERRA oils through a likeminded mums instagram page (whose recommendations I really trust), and ordered myself a starter kit. That was all I was planning on doing – using beautiful essential oils to rid my home of more toxins & support my health. They worked their magic, and before I knew it I was looking into the business opportunity, researching researching researching it all… and it all just felt so right and I knew it was an authentic fit for me as they are products that I 100% believe in and a business opportunity that is incredible, so I went for it!!! So I work pretty much when my daughter is asleep for about an hour or so each night. I absolutely love it. I love that no.1 I can work around my no.1 commitment of being with my daughter full time and being present with her, and I also love that I have something fulfilling, giving me purpose beyond being a mother (something I didn’t even realise was missing until I felt alive with the purpose of sharing these gifts of nature). I love seeing others, in particular other mothers, lighting up with that same love for the oils and the magic they bring into their lives & homes, and also seeing them light up with purpose, excitement and feeling fulfilled while paving their way to unlimited abundance. It is also incredible being part of an amazing community of others building the same business and supporting each other on their journey. The culture is like nothing I ever experienced in a workplace. Authentic support. It rocks.


5. Do you need anybody? 


How deep are we going here? :p So…. if it was literally just me in the world I would feel totally alone & unconnected, so in that sense yes I need people, I need connection, I need community, I need human interaction (and interaction with dogs too for that matter). On the other hand, I’d also like to think I can stand on my own two feet if need be & could be independent if needed. I love & enjoy my husband & daughter’s company, but need is a strong word and lends me to think of dependency… and I like the sentiment of love allowing you to free people, so that I love my daughter but I want her to feel the freedom to spread her wings and not be limited by a sense of being inhibited by a needy mum… you know? I don’t know if that makes sense or I have gone deeper than needed… I tend to go deep 🙂 I think connection, community & a sense of belonging are crucial to happiness.



So there we are 🙂

Thank you so much Elise for being the first (and hopefully not the only one).

I’ll be adding a link-y thing to do-Terra somewhere here – ish very soon (baby -in -arms -needing -feed- and -if- I -don’t -press -publish- it’ll- be- another- week- till- I -get- to -it- itis) in the meantime check out



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