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Monday, Monday

So it’s been a week. Over a week. An over-a-week full of beach in the rain, slipping in mud while carrying bub in her ergo, a 1960s caravan, a Skype call with a good friend, a first birthday, missing parcels, lost booties, teens sleeping on armchairs, amazing raspberry muffins & banana pancakes

But before all of that I sent a missive out to a few people. Several have replied. Many more have not, but, considering I wrote it at 2am that’s probably more down to my ability to coherently convey a message than whether or not they’d happily do what I’m asking….so here’s what I wrote. Help me out- what needs work? Would you say it differently? Any questions you want answered? I’m thinking of resending it in a couple of days and adding in some extra people…

Anyway, here’s what I wrote and the next post will be my first responder (gleeeee!!! ☺☺💜💙🌸)



Apologies for the random out- of – nowhere email. My name is Avril *wave* and I’m attempting to form an online tribe (based on the idea that everyone needs a tribe/village / group /squad (why do people use squad now- confuses me) and also because, well, I don’t have one)

After I started I realised that the majority of the peopleI could reach were already blogging and would, most likely, have their own group through that, or just because they do.

This is my attempt to reach the lonely blog readers like me.

I’m hoping if you answer these questions & send a photo I can use then others might feel more confident about joining my blog as bloggers or just commentators.

Thank you for your time. I hope to hear from you soon. (There are two sets of questions please feel free to pick your favourite )

Perfect Day

Name, age, profession etc.

1. What is your favourite memory as a child?

2. How did you spend your summer holidays as a teenager?

3. What was your best day in the last year? What made it the best?

4. What is the best thing that’s happened to you that would not have happened if you didn’t do what you do?

5. What would be your ideal day?

From my Friends

Name, age, profession etc.

1. What would you think if I sang out of tune?

2. What do you do when your love is away?

3. How did you find your ‘tribe’?

4. How did you find what you do and why do you love it?

5. Do you need anybody?

(Obviously one is more involved than the other. Thank you for taking the time to read & (hopefully) reply. Many Thanks again. A 🌸)


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