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Jason Mraz & Thank you

 this is not the best version of this post. I had a better one but WordPress hates me & deleted the draft and I’m just too tired to write it again. Hopefully it’s still good.

So, I’m standing at Sydney central station after walking from Actors Studio. It’s cold & I’m wishing I’d brought a bigger coat & a smaller bag , as I remember it; but I’ve waited so often there, plugged in to my music, lost in a crowd that sometimes it’s hard to separate the strands…

Once was a broken heart spur of the moment getaway and I spent three days trailing around the city before rushing home from the blustery foyer…

Once was my first trip away from my babies to audition for the Actors Centre & QUT – that one was particularly special and involved finding rainbow thongs (FLIP FLOPS) and being given Bend it Like Beckham on video. It was also when I fell in love with sleeper carriages on trains..there’s another post there ☺

Once was when I was auditioning for Actors Studio & AIM. It was 42 degrees and I was trying very hard not to faint thanks to a combination of leaking water bottle & no money

Once was when I lived (or dragged the ever patient dad- of -all, a ten year old and a seven year old to stay in shoebox mould infested flat from hell followed by slightly older shoebox so -many -cockroaches-oh-my- God- I’m -going- to -die shoebox in purgatory ) there for eight months. I’d gotten stuck on a train for an hour and was stumbling into daylight, swearing at all things Sydney. Especially the lack of rubbish bins. What is with that? There must be an art to living there I just couldn’t master.

All of the strands have two things in common – Sydney Central (good for a holiday) and Rob, one of my closest friends.

They all float into my head at once when I think of Jason Mraz.
The album with the black & white line art cover.
Most especially ‘Beautiful Mess’ which has the best lyrics ever.

Rob has been in my life since 2004.

He took me to my first interstate auditions.

He moved to Perth with us.

He gave me my first mp3 player

He makes amazing mix cds

He co directed theatre with me.

He’s looked after my children, me and dad of all in more ways than I can count.

He came to bub3s baptism on Sunday via Skype. In a suit. With champagne. From the UK. At 3.30am his time.

He’s dealt with me hurt, broken, delirious,insane, happy, ill, post op & pregnant.

He has quietly and easily been there for thirteen years

He quite simply and understatedly rocks.

He has shown me so many things. The biggest being how to just be yourself. No matter what.

And I am very greatful he is still a part of my world in a thousands of miles away both of us insanely busy way…but still there.

And I’m greatful to the new people in my world, no matter in what form. The maternal child health nurse who calmed my fears about colic, the cousin who agreed to be a godmother – and she’ll be brilliant, a dietician and all round lovely person who goes above and beyond the call & cares (yup – Heidi(Here’s her work site)) & anybody who reads this. Most especially anybody who reads this and comments. You are keeping me writing. Writing is good.

So yes; its a mess, unsure if its beautiful but my little blog is coming along.

I’m going to try & get more “About Me”‘s happening with a wide variety of people from ABA volunteers to seamstresses from New Zealand.

Thank you for taking the time.

……’cause here we are.


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