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Here it goes again….

This blog is not the blog I should be publishing – there are two of those, busy being polished. One to say THANK YOU to some wonderful people & the other one is…you’ll see.

So this follows from my baptism blog. Worked out what was happening with godparents  (despite what my mother emailed)…worked out if we were having a baptism for the right reasons (despite what my mother emailed )….worked out we’d have a first birthday and Baptism on the same day to keep it simpler for family who need to travel long distances to be there (didn’t run that past my mother)…and then THE CATERING *cue dramatic flourish in strings*…you know – dum dum duuuuuuum.

Oh good grief.

You’d think it would be simple to feed 12 people at an event that runs from 10-2 on a Sunday.

You’d think it’d be a matter of chips and dip, cabana and cubed cheese on toothpicks & devils on horseback.

Or fairy bread, cocktail frankfurts and Samboy Salt & Vinegar .

But no.

Because there is a baptism in the middle.

And its Father’s day.

And now my mother has emailed.

Apparently the invitation I sent mentioned cake and coffee after the Baptism but nothing about lunch.

And people are travelling such great distances to be here. (You’d think we lived at the tip of Wilson’s Prom & all the guests lived in the CBD)

And they’ve come all that way to be there for you and your baby ( so now I need to reward people for spending time with me? I thought they were coming because they cared)

And if they are travelling all that way you really must give them something substantial.


We have a bit of a complicated relationship, my mother & I.

I talk to her – she writes emails from France that seem to have nothing to do with reality nor any conversation we have had.

So now I’m panicking.

I thought i had it all worked out.

It’s a Sunday morning

It’s Fathers day.

People might have plans that involve food at some other point that day.

I thought – Birthday morning tea – Slices ( from the good bakery ten minutes that way)- three types, maybe 3 finger sized pieces per person, Pizza (dimond cut (thank you Adam Hills)) bought the night before from the really good Vegan & Vegetarian Pizza shop ten minutes in the opposite direction and reheated as needed maybe 3-4 diamonds per person, then either this vague idea I have for a breadstick sandwich or, most likely finger sandwiches 3 per person plus Birthday cake (banana – made by my aunt) & tea, coffee & water.

Then post baptism – same as above  (or whatever is left of above) plus Baptism cake (again banana – made by my aunt) plus some kind of mulled wine type thing for a toast as I cannot drink champagne (first time drunk. Mother’s wedding reception. I was fourteen. Enough said)

Now the question is – should  I be feeding people more? I love them all, they are coming to this event  (which is immensely cool of them) and it does, on the invites, run over lunchtime…

But its Sunday & Father’s  day and the last thing I want is obligation eating.

So…should I be planning a sit down meal? Have I got my portions right? Any better ideas for food?

Scarily, in my thirty *cough* years of life this is the first big family thing I’ve hosted without my mum.

It’s also the only thing I’ve done for this many people – I know twelve including my children and me. *gasp*

( actually, no, not true- there were parties in high school & uni with waaay more and one particularly memorable dinner party when I was 17 and made pasta with pesto, brandy snaps & chocolate covered strawberries in a toffee basket for 13 people- murder mystery dinner that I wrote myself because the game didn’t have enough characters – good God where did that girl go?)

So yes, please help. My confidence is all buggered up now and my bub deserves a good day, untainted by dissatisfaction that may rebound around my family for years…

‘ oh remember that time we drove all that way and all she gave us was slice? And that pizza? Really! Tsk. ..tsk. …tsk.’


I did have an idea for a pie party- but that was when the invitations were “Each Peach Pear Plum” themed…which they now aren’t. ..And there was the cost of that (how can party pies be so expensive ) and the few sweets aspect and the fact there will be at least two vegans and four vegetarian there…still…maybe for hersecond birthday.



4 thoughts on “Here it goes again….

  1. In my opinion, you do what works best for you, lovely. A substantial meal may be your mother’s expectations but it is not the way everyone will be thinking. The older folk often feel the need to over cater, you know? Like it’s a sign of being a good host. I disagree personally and feel that cake & coffee will more than suffice, and people can get their act together and each a good brunch beforehand. However for the folk who forget that it’s not for lunch (people can be dingbats and not read the invitation), perhaps it’s a good idea to have some dips, crackers, cheese cubes, veggie sticks etc on hand. All store bought-able & not too pricey & will keep people happy. LOVE the each peach pear plum idea – so cute! But yes, can be costly. Perhaps for a future birthday party?! xx

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    1. Thank you…very true the generational differences.
      I remember reading in mums old NMAA cookbook the coconut loaf recipe was ‘perfect for when visitors drop in unexpectedly’ (mind you it also had a special chapter for dads who had to look after the kids without mum there- ah the 70s)
      I always over cater and about 50% of my family is on a diet at any given time which makes it interesting.
      Think I might use your idea with a Paddington bear twist- off to find bun recipes 😃


  2. Oh I know exactly where you’re coming from! My family always fights about catering and my Mum always over caters – I think everyone should be grateful for whatever you provide. I like Heidi’s suggestions, just having a few different sweet and savoury options available that are substantial but not like a ‘sit down’ formal thing should be fine! Try not to stress too much, hopefully these people love and care about you and your family more than they will about the food. We put so much pressure on ourselves! I really hope it turns out the way you want it to x


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