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Get some Sleep…

I come from a long line of non-sleepers, night owls, shift workers, insomniacs and vampires.

I grew up hearing my mother typing at 2am, reading my way through the wee small hours and then when I was older studying till 2 and waking at 5 am.

I’ve spent the last four years falling asleep as the Sun comes up thanks to hyper vigilance. I’ve spent the last eleven months on baby time- awake till midnight for rollover feed then whenever she wakes again.

I have two teenagers – one awake all night but trying to fix it, the other happily alternating horror movies, Skype & panic attacks then sleeping the next day (apparently school is optional. This is another blog post. Don’t get me started…)

But this is about the opposite problem…

Ok. I have absolutely no idea if there will be anyone out there in the same boat as me but, if you are (as Lola from Charlie and Lola is saying about ten times a day as I read to Bub 3 ) Help! HEEEELP!.

So, the thing is, does anyone else have someone who has intrusive sleep as the only other adult in the house?

And is that only other adult not only helping look after a baby but two teenagers?

And do they also have sleep apnoea?

Now, WHAT THE HELL DO YOU DO TO COPE? *Kermit Flail & Panting*

This is going to sound so whingy because, dieties know, I know how lucky I am to have another adult there and that it is him.

But this is getting too, too hard.

Factual bit – feel free to skip to next paragraph – For anyone who doesn’t know Sleep Apnoea is where you stop breathing in your sleep and this wakes you up multiple times a night & you generally dont know its happening. It can also make you sound like someone trying to start a truck in a tunnel with an exhaust pipe full of porridge. Fun. You also don’t know this. Intrusive Sleep in a symptom of many sleep disorders & means you just fall asleep. Standing in the hall or mid conversation or cooking or HOLDING A BABY. You will also; apparently,  deny you were asleep and get annoyed; look like a zombie while fighting it off (hate zombies) and not have any control over it even though you keep saying you do.

So – it feels like I’m parenting three on a tightrope of “are you sure you are awake enough to hold her while I dash to the bathroom / drink some water/get dressed”; using the phrase ‘wake up’ so often im sure it will be early in babies vocabulary as well as spending upwards of twenty minutes trying to wake what seems to be a Hessian sack on wet sand by any means available because either The noise the hairy lump in the doona is making is terrifying the baby OR It has to wake up to turn its bloody alarm app off OR its the only thing bub will take her much needed gaviscon from…..

Or even just sometimes because I’m so lonely and so tired and need to not be the only responsible conscious adult here.

Full credit to the doona lump (new nickname hon – sorry- reminds me of school camp and doing that thing where you got into your sleeping bag head first with a torch and pretended to be glow worms…no? …just my school..I’ll just be over here with a lampshade on my head)..where was I? Yes; full credit…he tries to stay awake till 12 with me (best housework time apparently) & after bub and I sleep is often caught by naps in each room or teens who want STUFF and THINGS and life SUCKS.

But its hard to deal with. And naps don’t help.

So bring on the advice people – come on 🙂 heeeeeeelp!




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