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Knowing me- knowing you (ah haaaa)

So, it seems that this blog may just be me typing away into the internet for a while…and that’s ok.

I guess before you become friends with someone you need to get to know them, same deal here. So; me…hmmm.

Looking around other blogs they all seem to have a theme like cooking or food in General or surviving various forms of mental illness or mumming or baby wearing….I guess if I was to have a theme for here it would be people getting to know each other…So here’s a starting template – feel free to use it in the comments or send it to me as your own blog entry- group effort = tribe. Promise all one or maybe two of us are kind and quite friendly. Unless you give me a burnt crumpet or ask me to eat ‘around the meat’ then I’ll go right off- like a frog in a sock…


10 years ago I : Had just returned from a year of ill fated theatre study in Perth, was living in a 2br flat in south yarra, Had a 5yr old and a 7yr old. Was studying at National Theatre and loving it.

5 years ago : I was veeery unwell with a wide variety of psychiatric illnesses – mainly PTSD and Anorexia. Was living in Geelong after an ill fated trip to study in Sydney (note a theme). Had a 12 yr old finishing primary school and a 10 yr old. Most notable thing – they had the best school concert EVER. So much so we watch the DVD. I was studying at Mooregrace and Courthouse Arts & trying to get an agent.

Now : I’m living in the Dandenong Ranges after three years of the squash of two teens and two adults and then a bub in a 2 br flat as close to the city as we could afford . Much more space here, and more trees. I have a 16yr old and a 14yr old – neither at school regularly for insanely complex reasons…there is also my bub 10 months and beautiful  (and of course Dad of All)

Currently  (semi borrowed from lovely Heidi at Apple’s Under My Bed – if you want good blog, go read that, its got recipes and everything Here)

DOING – lots of baby mumming. Making bub friendly food. Going on bub friendly walks.

EATING – more than I have in years thanks to bub & Heidi (most excellent dietician (her blog with link to work site here ). Loving smoothies, Avocado toast, Peanut butter toast (must be good sourdough & good spread.. mavers rocks) and porridge. And rubbish things like tick tocks and Wheatons and chocolate covered almonds.

WEARING: way too many flanelette shirts and not enough black, my pregnancy overalls and a couple of t-shirt dresses alternate with fisherman’s pants and ‘lounge’ pants..see I packed all my clothes for moving house in April and they aren’t quite unpacked yet. But I’m a gothic hippie at heart.

WATCHING : With no sound and subtitles so bub sleeps- Dara O’Briain – brilliant intelligent stand up and News show; CSI (Yes, I  know); i view (love the ABC)


READING : Paddington Bear to bub 3 while we have breakfast.


LISTENING : To myself turn everything into a song- usually to the tune of “little Peter Rabbit ” or “Rock a bye your bear” – for example – its time to do your nappy, time to do your nappy time- and so on. Also me singing the Buffy soundtrack, various Christmas carols, various Jazz numbers and assorted other songs from musicals- keeps me awake and bub entertained (15 years of choir useful for something) plus endless rounds of rock a bye baby- the lullaby ede jour.

Also occasionally Pandora when bub taps on the app on my phone so – Pete Murray;  Norah Jones; Claire Bowditch; Missy Higgins;  Bic Runga & Tim Minchin (who i adore)


So there is a bit about me in my rambly half asleep one finger typing on phone way…



Your turn ☺


7 thoughts on “Knowing me- knowing you (ah haaaa)

  1. Hi Avril, I’m so glad you started this blog. I read your post on ‘While the babe naps’ and was curious and admittedly a little concerned. I recognised in you a similar thought pattern that I am very familiar with; and a person that is trying so hard to do her best, but is gradually slipping into a sadness that she knows all too well. I don’t suffer from an eating disorder, but I do struggle with depression, including PND, and anxiety. I used to write a blog but gave up after everything becoming far too difficult. I have been toying with the idea of reinstating it, as I can see that writing helps me work through some of my issues. I think you’re truly inspiring and would love to be part of your tribe. I’m not sure about a blog post, but for now please know that I’m out here, reading your words, sharing your struggles, and completely, 100% on your side. For the record, I have two little boys – a three year old, and an almost one year old (for whom I’m also doing a combined christening / first birthday party!) Congratulations on finding the courage to start this! – Catarina


      1. I’m looking forward to reading it. I personally found that having a baby really brought a lot of my issues to a head. Take your time with the post. It doesn’t have to be perfect. Hopefully it will be cathartic to get it all out xx


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