Baby · Help needed


So- now for something completely different.

I woke up today feeling trodden on, teary & just generally exhausted.

Bub is getting bigger – which is sad and wonderful – I miss my little bundle, but love watching her learn and grow and she waves. I know. How cool is that! 🙂

On the downside is teething and tears and constipation from solids and tears and messed up sleeping because SOMEONE just HAD to (insert shut door/cough/ use sink/use microwave/knock/make dog bark etc ) RIGHT NOW. She is still a tissue paper sleeper for naps and first half of the night, and still refluxy so sleeps on my chest (& its what we’re used to & i like it and I like to think she does )

But yes ten months and a half and I’m exhausted.

But here’s the conundrum..

I don’t want to change how I sleep with her.

I don’t want to change how I feed her

I don’t want it to be different.

Except for the noise that I can do without.

I could probably also do without Bub1 going through some psychological stuff that means time off school and panic attacks and needing to virtually run around seeking a solution or help for the third year running.

I could do without a virtually narcoleptic Dad of all and needing to wake him up every ten minutes  (bloody illness where you stop breathing  when you’re asleep…you know the one )

I could do with my brain back.

I could also really do with family or friends who would listen take it in then bring over baked goods.

Essentially I could really really do with a tribe today….

And oh God there’s still a baptism to organize and more urgently a grocery shop…


Thank God for bub.


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