Baptismy Naming Day Blessing of bub heeelp

So, my Ethernet Village of a trillion specks of light, I need some help.

About eleven months ago I gave birth to a sweet, kind, funny baby girl. The very-much-youngest of three.

From before she was born I knew who I wanted her godparents to be- because we do the baptism thing- just that kind of family -we did with our eldest two and didn’t see a reason not to.

I won’t go into Faith too much here- biiiig topic- almost as big as ‘good babies’….but I was raised in the Anglican church, went to an Anglican school and am quite fond of it, as far as organised religions go. I don’t believe all it states but I used to and I don’t see why I should deny my child the doorway into and support of Faith if she chooses that.

Plus there’s the Christmas debate- ugh – another time.

Anyway- so- we organized a baptism,  church, dress and all. Arranged it around when the godparents would be available.

Then we got an email – a lovely, well thought out email from the to be godparents saying they couldn’t be godparents as they don’t believe in God.

Fair poinT

Now, my view and the view of the church differ on what godparents are.

I want an aunt and uncle my child can turn to, have fun with and who are kind loving excellent people and therefore good role models.

The church asks for different things.

So now I’m stuck. At the moment we’re waiting to hear back if the were to be godparents would be a secular version…and then what?

We get some other people to be godparents in the religious sense (and they’ll know they weren’t first choice- invites are already out) and also have a naming day for the non religious bit?

And from what I can see naming days are very expensive – especially with a celebrant..and what if they say no to being secular God parents.

This is my little girl who is lovely and deserves good things and oh help.

Does anyone have any ideas about how to manage an inexpensive naming day- that’s still beautiful and also a baptism on the same day?

Or just any ideas for an inexpensive naming day baby blessing type thing.

This is when I really need my tribe.


2 thoughts on “Baptismy Naming Day Blessing of bub heeelp

  1. Ahh tricky. Here is my perspective. I was raised with no religion, so cannot really comment on that, however my parents had informal naming days for my brothers & i. we all have godparents who are people in lives who are special to my parents. i even have 2 godfathers & 1 godmother. So I think having a religious “God” parent and your non-religious friends as “informal” ones is a sweet idea. More people to love on your bub (and support you!). Keep the naming day without an official celebrant to keep the cost down, just a gathering at a park or something? X


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