Someone once said it takes a Village…

So, here we are. Forgive the menus that don’t yet work and possibly dodgy links. I’m trying something new.

You know when you have a baby and you Google “should my baby be crawling yet” or “baby naming day” and you find 50,000 chats from 2013 that really don’t help & after an hour of reading & clicking to try and find what you are looking for you come away thinking “oh god- I’ve screwed my child up for life”? Yeah- this isn’t that.

After reading some master bloggage at Apple’s Under My Bed (go – look it up) I read the comments & there are many people it seems, like me, needing advice, company, help & friendship.

A Village. A Tribe.

Because without one child rearing at any age is so, so hard.

He’ll, without one being a person is hard.

So here’s my idea.

We each submit a blog – about us, our little ones, our lives. And through the comments we help each other – if its needed – or just chat if it isn’t.

And hopefully this way, gradually, weather we need it because of distance or circumstance we find friends, our Tribe, our Village.


So who’s with me? Yeah? Let’s give it a go.

To begin – submit blogs to with a pretty pic. No children yet- not organized enough for consent forms.

Let’s use this village to raise some awesome children & keep each other feeling loved and sane.



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